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Secure Your Business Sustainability

Have you thought of data driven decisions? It has become a buzzword in 2013-2014 and it clearly cannot be ignored by businesses – small or large. You may be surprised at just how much data you are generating. When thinking about Web data, customer data, sales data, process data, resource data, etc., the multiplicity of these channels and their data is called the “Big Data”.

Even the smallest organizations can find themselves reaching a point where big data analysis & techniques can offer some very tangible results.

Example: A small restaurant, for example, might be able to optimize its pricing, hours, coupon strategy, email marketing lists and even its menu, and larger organizations with richer data sets can achieve much more by taking advantage of big data techniques.

Today, leveraging data to drive marketing and business decisions can offer your company or association a competitive advantage. Tomorrow, leveraging data will be nothing short of essential for a business to survive.

Mediaforce can help you leverage your data.

What we will deliver:

  1. How to collect data for your organization.

  2. What to capture and what to eliminate.

  3. Analysis of your Universal Data (Multiplicity of Channels – brochure, newspaper and offline marketing effort, SEO, paid and earned digital traffic) and recommendation for data lifecycle maturity process.

  4. Data Capturing Architecture and best practices.

  5. Competitive Intelligence. Find out how exactly your competitors are ahead of you and what you need to achieve your goals.

  6. How to be digitally end to end transparent and accountable.

  7. How to be really data driven (from Online to Offline and vice verse).

  8. How to adopt customer driven business decisions using your own digital data customer data married with unbiased customer voice.

  9. How to grow at scale whether within the local market share or expanding across the globe.

  10. How to maximize your ROI.

  11. What level of technology adoption is critical for your business?

  12. Would your organization benefit from digital workflow, automated repetitive tasks, real time collaboration and integrated end to end converged cloud solutions?

Pricing for Big Data Assessments

Starting at  $3700 for SMBs
Starting at $16000 for Enterprises

Technologies have transformed everything we do in today’s information age, and it has become critical for your business to shift and adopt these changes as soon as possible.

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