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bot is an automated application used to perform simple and repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming, mundane or impossible for a human to perform.

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Chat Bot Artificial Intelligence - Digital Marketing

What does a bot do?

Bots are designed to allow scalability for processes
like communications, information facilitation and transactions.


Chatbots are bots that are designed to carry on conversations with humans.  Chatbots usually have a “personality” similar to a human, and can help scale messaging.

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Information Bots

Bots in this category surface helpful information, often as push notifications, and include things like breaking news stories.

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Transaction Bots

Bots in this category act as agents on behalf of humans, and interact with external systems to accomplish a specific transaction, moving data from one platform to another

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Reduce overhead & scale.

The Bot market is developing quickly. Early adopters will benefit from not only reducing their overhead and the ability to scale but also the benefit of leveraging the data gathered over time to enhance your users experience.

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Entrepreneur Digital Marketing

For more information on how BOTS are integrating into the digital landscape check out this article:

Why Bots Matter

Use an Omni-channel Approach 1:11

Take a 360° approach to SEO… Stage measurable and optimizable interactions along the customer-journey.

Understanding Audience Behaviour 0:45

Learn how your audience needs you, and reach them, in their “I need to…” and “how can I…” moments.

Precision, Needs-based targeting 1:25

Don’t waste time talking to the crowd; talk to the people who matter to you, in a way that matters to them.