Security is a critical part of marketing.

Security is a critical part of marketing. If your site is hacked or your server is comprised, your Google rankings can be affected and PPC campaigns become useless. We will check to ensure that common exploits have been secured as well as checking to ensure your software is at the most up to date version and manage it for you on a regular basis.

How do I Stay Secure?

Talk to our security expert today. We will also perform security audits on your hosting and passwords. Believe it or not, weak passwords have brought down entire corporations in the past.

The Importance of Staying Up to Date

One of the greatest threats to internet security is out of date software. You have to understand that one of the driving factors to success in the hacking world is time. The more time hackers have to analyze and take apart the software you use, the greater the likelihood of them finding a way to exploit it and potentially gain access to your users or your own private files.


Teams working on these open source solutions are constantly working on trying to gain access to their own software using the same techniques as hackers. They then use this insight to patch the software to prevent malicious use of exploits. If you aren’t keeping up to date on these developments you are at risk.

Open Source

This becomes even more important if your site uses common open-source or otherwise publicly available solutions. Open source is clearly the most versatile way to do software development in our connected online world, however these code streams are widely available for scrutiny both good and bad.