Leadership. Transparency. Partnership.

We are an international Digital Marketing Agency with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, New York & Vancouver.

Our Beliefs

Leadership. Transparency. Partnership.

We achieve best results with clients who share our values. We’re eager to be at the cutting edge of new marketing strategies and technologies that will help give our clients the unfair advantage. Our thought leadership team is constantly learning new tactics and methodologies from institutions such as MIT and Google.


You can’t be successful without it. We have it and we use it to help our clients meet their objectives.

We are driven to succeed. That drive is passed on to our clients. Our client’s success is our success. We work best as an integrated partner with our clients to fully understand where growth and optimization can take place.

What we do best

Increasing business performance through strategies and best practices that deliver results.

Google Analytics Strategy & Consultation, Conversion Optimization / Web Design, SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords Management, eCommerce UX, Brand Awareness & Security, AI Artificial Intelligence Marketing applications and Website Maintenance and Training.

Management Team

Joe Bongiorno

Joe Bongiorno

Fuad Miah
Managing Director
(Analytics, Digital Marketing)

Lubabah Bakht
(Social Strategies, Branding)

Michael Sauvé
(Accounts, Operations)

Darson Hall
(Team Lead)

Sherry Mallory
Online Support

Justin Hacker

Justin Hacker
(Web Design & Technology)

Vishal Blais
Team Leader
(Web Development)

Kevin McBain

Kapish Kochhar

Ahmad Azhar

Mackenzie Hendrie

Shawn Ebbs
(Enterprise Hosting)

Anju Imtiaz
Manager – Client Experience
(Communications, Scheduling)

Alfredo Cabrera
Team Lead
(Enterprise Hosting)

Adam Brown
(Content Strategist)

Daria Klimova
(Web Developer)

Rob Sutton
(Business Development Rep.)

Harinder Pal Singh
(Front End Developer)

Sajeed Bakht
(ML Engineer)

Vasileios Lioutas
(ML Engineer)