What’s your blockchain marketing strategy?
Honesty, Consideration, Accountability, and Transparency

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The Blockchain provides:

Honesty, Accountability, and Transparency


With the Internet of Things, billions of devices that will share information with each other and pay/get compensated at the micro-transaction level. The volume of transactions demands an “Internet-friendly” way of making payments.


Improved results for ad campaigns. Blockchain technology will enable advertisers to disregard 100 percent of fraudulent traffic. Only actual “conversions” will be paid for, with all bot activity excluded.


Storing processes through blockchain make them tamper-proof and allow for a level of transparency not yet seen.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchains are about a rapid transfer of value.

An great way to envision the blockchain is to picture an un-editable spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Changes to the spreadsheet are mandated by a series of rules. Once information is validated, it’s permanently added to the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is updated on every computer when new information is added. Once updated, the spreadsheet is a publicly available record of each change. There’s no centralized location for this spreadsheet, making it extremely difficult to compromise.

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