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Let’s create a strategic social media plan to get you where you want to be.

Targeted exposures using social media marketing to increase conversions

Spend your ad spend smartly and measure marketing performance to scale your business.

Gen X


Real Gateway into Collective Conversations

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives. Traditionally, social media has been viewed as a platform for connecting with Millennials. Surprisingly, Generation X (ages 35-49) spend much more time: they spend 7 hours daily on social media compared to Millenials who spend almost 6 hours. Among American Generation X female adults in 2018, 25% of their total weekly media time was spent using social media.

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Brand Activists and Ambassadors

Drive, usually instant, value and build equity by connecting with your customers on social media. There are three types of social media users: heavy, medium, and light. Heavy users spend over 3 hours daily on social media. 30% of heavy users believe it is important to show support for their favourite brands or companies on social media. Consumers want to have their voices heard: Engage with these consumers and build brand loyalty.

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of Heavy Users research products and services on Social Media

Social Media Users’ Shopping Behaviour

Among each group of social media user (heavy, medium and light), over 75% of consumers made an online purchase in 2018. Although heavy users are great as brand activists, they are making smaller purchases online. Medium and light users are spending more money online. 41% of light and medium users spent $500 or more online. People are buying clothing, accessories, books, airline tickets, home accessories and more.

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Faster Insights, Actions and Growth

Our social media consultants will put together a unique social media strategy catered to your product/services’ audiences and align with your business objectives. A focused action plan allows you to have goals, targets, and measure results to identify failure and optimize for targeted conversions. We provide social media training to companies and also offer managed social media services. Visit our social media blog to learn more

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Public Speaking Engagements

At Mediaforce, we have the privilege being invited by companies and organizations for public speaking engagements. Michael Sauvé and Lubabah Bakht recently presented on social media marketing strategy and insights  for a North American IT company celebrating their 25th anniversary. Watch it here.

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Paid Social Strategy

The Higher Order Bit

The 2018 State of Social Report revealed that only 58% of marketers were using engagement metrics to measure social success. Over 60% of marketers had trouble measuring ROI. In order to avoid these situations, the higher order bit needs to be addressed.

Are you delivering business value, brand, or performance? Are you providing entertaining content, informative content and providing utility to your audiences? Some businesses falsely believe that success on social media is determined by impressions. There are posts and content being shared with very little to almost no engagement.

Choosing the right social channels for your business requires some deep thinking about user intent. The best way to measure social success is to use the right metrics to measure engagement and ROI.

Where to start?

There are over 2 billion users across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. With an explosion of growth on social platforms, businesses get confused on which platform to start their social media efforts.

Start with Facebook. It represents over 75% of social users and is a powerful platform with many options to targeting people with psychographic data and understanding emotions as well. Given that the platforms has algorithms that limit organic visibility for low interactive posts, Facebook paid ads gets your content shown to target audiences with higher engagement opportunities.

Next, consider whether your business is a better fit for Twitter or Instagram users. Or can you produce a variety of quality video content for Youtube? These are developing conversations to have with your social media marketer.

Facebook Marketing

We apply our experience-built knowledge of Facebook marketing strategies, tactics, tools, and measurement toward the growth and success of your Facebook Page in it’s role for your business.

  • Take full advantage of all Facebook’s advanced marketing features, like lead ads
  • Engineer agile Campaigns created for agile optimization
  • Remarket to a segment of your audience or to a social context
  • Measure important KPI’s and metrics to track social media marketing success

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Facebook Marketing Mediaforce

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a clean, uncluttered platform for users to consume beautiful content. And you need to capture your audience’s imagination during their retreat to Instagram. Although a big part of success on Instagram is about sharing great pictures, the content strategy that dictates execution is equally important. We engineer campaigns and content-strategy for optimal ROI on ads.

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LinkedIn Marketing

We stay up-to-date with LinkedIn algorithm changes to get the best results possible. We regularly monitor & optimize LinkedIn campaigns for performance increasing impressions and clicks.

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Twitter Marketing

We help you use Twitter as a business channel to develop a customer base by targeting the right tailored audiences with smart bidding strategies. People come to Twitter to connect with content they’re passionate about. Twitter users are known for how active, and action-driven they are; these aren’t passive consumers. Twitter is your live connection to a stream of targeted people, and we create tailored audiences for your business with lists of emails, phone numbers, Twitter IDs or cookies. Reach your audience with remarketing Pixels as well. We can help you scale your Reach with lookalike audiences. Reach the right people at the right time with the right offer.

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Social Media Marketing Twitter - Digital Marketing by Mediaforce

YouTube Marketing

YouTube & Influencer Marketing

As of 2019 Youtube viewership has now exceeded TV!

We help you use the YouTube platform for many different types of content: text, Display, and Video. We will manage your organic efforts to build a channel, or your paid advertising on YouTube . We will give you the tools to improve your videos and paid marketing campaigns. Using YouTube Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics, Mediaforce will conduct an ongoing cycle of testing, learning, and improvement to monitor your video views, traffic sources, user behaviour, and business outcomes.

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Niche and Other Social Channels

Already performing well on popular social channels? We’ll help you take the next step and expand your social reach into niche audiences!

Is your business relevant for review communities in channels like Houzz, Yelp, or TripAdvisor?  Is Google maps the optimal place to compete for business?

Niche channels offer unique opportunities to connect with social networks that have a finely tuned audience that’s more specific than among general users. Examples of niche and other social channels include:

LinkedIn – Pinterest – Yelp – TripAdvisor – Reddit

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Niche Marketing

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