Website Maintenance – Now the real work begins

Once you’ve built your perfect web presence is when the real work begins. It’s not really a one off act that requires a single exemplary effort followed by a period of cruising along on the momentum of the initial project. Building your viewership and keeping everything safe is a constant balancing act that can sometimes be overwhelming. So what exactly is involved in keeping a good web presence?

Keeping Your Content Fresh

Keeping a steady flow of fresh content is a good way to ensure you have return viewership. Unless you have some especially entertaining content that should be regulated for it’s addictive properties, people aren’t going to keep coming back to view the same old site. Human beings crave new experiences and information.

So you might be asking why does my company need repeat viewers? Regardless of if that viewer is a customer or a window shopper, you have the unique opportunity to try to sell or up sell during every visit. It’s always better to have your customers come to you about a new service or product than to have to go to them. It means they’re excited about, or at very least interested. Your website is your best selling tool – keep it fresh.

website maintenance and content management

We can help you by providing you with suggestions for new content as well as helping you implement content in a unique and appealing way. We leverage our knowledge of design, marketing, and content writing to help you create content your users will not be able to get enough of. We also can help you make visual and structural changes to how your site looks!

Keep Your Customer’s Data Safe

protect big data with website security

The internet is one of those inventions that can really be used for good or evil. While the majority of your users will be simply trying to find useful services or information, there are some who spend their days toiling away in dark basements (at least that’s where we imagine they are) trying to steal data or infect users.

Data theft is a problem that affects us all. Consumer trust in the industry as a whole is shaken every time they hear about big data breaches and other serious security issues. No one wants to be a victim, yet many website owners run outdated software that leaves them wide open to attacks.

The only thing a malicious user needs to break into your site is time. If you’re running software that has never been updated, you’re giving them all the time they need to analyze your site and figure out it’s weak points. Monthly updates reduces the window of time a malicious user has to find exploits and vulnerabilities.

We take the time each month to not only update your software but we also keep our ears to the ground looking for bulletins and other notices from software vendors and security experts to make sure your software is hardened against attacks.

So how do I get started?

The first step is to talk to one of our website maintenance specialists. We’ll identify your specific needs and figure out a monthly package that suits your business. Once we figure out the billing we’ll contact you at the beginning of each month to determine what needs to be done. We’ll make software suggestions, discuss content, layout, etc and come up with a plan for the month. We’re also available for any support you’ll need to keep everything running smoothly.

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