Mobile Beacons

Location-based mobile customer communication.
Beacons and location-based services offer an opportunity for retail and events based businesses looking to take their mobile messaging strategy to the next level.

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Tacitly message your customers and clients
upon arrival and exit of your retail storefront or event.

There are three primary benefits of Beacon technology:

ARRIVAL to your store or event
Push notifications or Display messaging.

Consumers, and particularly Generation C (the generation of young people who, by 2020, will have always lived in a primarily digital world) are already fully adapted to the digital environment.

LEAVING your store or event
Push notifications or Display messaging.

The increasing affordability of broadband is expanding the reach of technology to billions of consumers. In parallel, low-cost smart devices are being deployed in every industry.

Geographically Relevant contextual messaging in real time

Beacons run on wireless technology to pinpoint the location of customers in stores and other places and to deliver messages to their mobile devices.

Location-based mobile
customer communication

iBeacon technology – when someone approaches or leaves a retail store or event venue location a beacon can detect where a customer is at any given moment. Then the retailer or other business can push timely messages to that customer promoting products or providing other useful information.

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